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Friday, August 18, 2006

Marcellas: "It was like being in a house full of 4 year olds that were kinda potty trained but not really."

081806marci_1  (AP Photo/HO/CBS)

Marcellas Reynolds was evicted last night and became the first member of the "Big Brother 7" jury. Here's a recap of our post-eviction interview: He asked us if we were gay. (For the record, The Slug is asexual.) He told us what he'd rather be doing than sequester. (That'd be boys, shopping and hosting CBS' "Big Brother" Internet talk show.) And he revealed why he turned his back on Janelle. (Uh, actually, we're still confused on that one.)

In honor of the former "Housecalls" host, The Slug asked Reynolds questions from at-home viewers. (Thanks to Valorie Thompson, Marisol Padilla, Michelle Balina and Tammy Turnbill!) The epic interview, after the jump.

Marcellas Reynolds: It's very, very early and I didn't sleep at all last night.

The Slug: Why not?

MR: What do you mean why not?

TS: Why didn't you sleep?

MR: Did you not see the episode where my heart was ripped out and thrown back in my face again?

TS: Yes. And I also saw all the episodes that came before that.

MR: And what does that mean, Derrik?

TS: We should maybe do role-playing with this interview. I can be the mean headmaster and you can be the naughty schoolboy.


TS: Tell me what you have to say for yourself about all your badmouthing.

MR: (Laughs.) Derrik, are you gay?

TS: What does that have to do with this?

MR: That has nothing to do with this. I just wanted to know.

TS: Look, naughty schoolboy, don't try to flirt with me on this interview. Just answer the question.

MS: What are you wearing? (Laughs.) OK. I'm sorry.

TS: Seriously. You got in that Diary Room and you just let it fly.

MR: But, Derrik, that's why the Diary Rooms are like our church. We can be that honest. That's where we go to confess our sins. That's what you want. Don't you? You don't want the person that's working the Diary Room thinking it's gonna get them a vote at the end. You want the person that goes in the diary room full tilt boogie.

"This is what I'm feeling. This is what I was thinking when she said this. This is what I was thinking when he said that. This is the experience I'm having right this moment." That's how I had to be in the Diary Room. That's what I needed to be to survive in that element. And remember part of playing this game is people piss you off, but you can't tell them that they've pissed you off. But you are infact pissed off. You have to have some place you can actually go and vent. And why not vent to the viewers and make it interesting?


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