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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is The CW Imitating "Studio 60"?

103106execs_1 (AP Photo/HO/CW/NBC)

Yesterday over at asap, we gave The CW six suggestions for improvement. Thus far, the nano network hasn't enacted any of them! What they have done is announce the appointments of two real network execs that bear a resemblance to a certain fictitious TV power lady.

Take the swoopy hair of Gayle Hirsch, CW's new vice president of current programming, center, and put it on the head of Joanna Klein, CW's new vice president of drama development, left, and whaddya got? The Slug says Jordan McDeere (played by Amanda Peet), president of the National Broadcast System, right. We'd show you in Photoshop, if we were allowed.

Bob Barker to Hang Up Skinny Microphone

103106bob_1 (AP Photo/Ric Francis)

Halloween is usually the happiest of all holidays for The Slug. Candy. Costumes. Fake blood. What's not to love? However, Halloween '06 will forever be remembered as the day Bob Barker announced his retirement from the longest running, bestest daytime game show ever. We feel so lucky that we were able to experience "The Price is Right" earlier this month. Over 35 seasons, zillions of Americans invited the 82-year-old television personality into their home when they were sick, retired, raising kids or simply skipping school. OK. We have to quit typing now. The Slug is starting to tear up.

"Heroes" is Heating Up

103106heroes01 (AP Photo/HO/NBC)

Did you watch "Heroes" last night? Oh, we sooo knew that pixie-haired Winona Ryder wannabe was working with Claire's dad from the first moment she conveniently appeared at Mohinder's side. Speaking of Pa Bennet, isn't he the nerdiest/coolest bad guy on television? Other than drugging people up, maybe he and his team o' superhero hunters aren't so bad?

Oh, and Nikki. Please let all or at least one of her personalities be dead. She and her evil half are the most tranquilizing aspect of this surprisingly good show. Also, take another look at that photo up there. Zooming in, The Slug sees a crossed out "Heroes" helix symbol thingie and a question mark on a Post-It off the coast of Chile. Hmmmmm.

103106heroes02 (AP Photo/HO/NBC)

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Slug Has Got Game

103006game (AP Photo Illustration/Derrik J. Lang)

Because the weather was so darn dreary this weekend, The Slug stayed inside, drank warm beverages and played a bunch of new board games. (Actually, make that just games. None of 'em came with boards. How futuristic!) We rated our three favorites for you since the holidays are right around the corner, which usually means mucho time-killing with the family while waiting for turkeys, hams and latkes.

Fun: "Survivor DVD Blast." The box for this DVD-based trivia game boasts that no board or game pieces are required. But isn't that, you know, part of the fun of playing a game? Instead, all moves happen on the tube. The game even keeps score for you. But unless you're a HUUUGE fan of "Survivor," this game is definitely difficult. Even The Slug didn't know most of the answers.

Funner: "Family Feud." OK. So this is technically a video game, but it can easily be played by multiple people. Since The Slug is a whore for game shows, we loved this highly customizable version of the classic. You can select what era studio to appear in and even edit the appearance of your family. Grandma gets an afro! Unfortunately, you can't select which host will read the survey questions. Boo! We want Richard Dawson! The game's Fast Money final round is particularly fun to play.

Funnest: "Banzai." Based on the absurd G4 show, this Japanese-themed DVD betting game comes with the awesomest accouterment ever: plastic sushi, chopsticks and "Karate Kid"-style headbands that players wear while predicting what will happen in bizarre DVD clips. For example, how many balloons will it take for a chicken to fly? The player with the most chopstick skill usually has the upperhand because betting requires picking up as many plastic sushi as possible in a 15-second span. Super cool.

Heeeeere's Michael Jackson

103006jacko (AP Photo/APTN)

Mark your calendars, kids. Michael Jackson is coming out of seclusion to accept the Diamond Award at the World Music Awards in London on Nov. 15. According to the press release, past winners of this award include Bon Jovi and Celine Dion. Wait. It gets better. Lindsay Lohan is hosting. Now if only there's a Busby Berkeley-style musical number and Madonna and David Banda have front row seats, this might be an awards show worth watching.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Kevin Federline vs. Tyra Banks

102506kfed_1 (AP Photo/Michelle Kole)

Set your DVR for this hot messiness. Kevin Federline is appearing on "Tyra" next Wednesday. Funny. We just thought he would continue to appear on "WWE RAW." On the show, he'll perform from his upcoming album, teach Tyra Banks some dance moves and reveal that most of the time Britney Spears calls him "baby this or baby that" unless it becomes more intimate and she calls him "daddy." Gross! Here's another: When Banks asks K-Fed what is the one thing he can give Brit that no one else can, he laughs and says, "Kids."

"Survivor" is Better Off Drunk

102506steph (AP Photo/HO/CBS)

No "Survivor: Cook Islands" castoff interview today, folks, because last night was this season's dreaded clip show. But there's plenty classics to keep you busy. Our favorite "new scenes" from the episode were lightweight Stephannie Favor's drunken campfire moments. Who had any clue she couldn't handle her booze? We wish Mark Burnett would let the audience see more funny, human moments like that during normal episodes. (Speaking of drinking, what the heck is in that empty bottle from the previews?! We must be spoiled.)

Slugshots: Jordan Catalano Hasn't Changed One Bit

  • Uh oh. We might have check to this out.
  • Oh, Brad! That's rich!
  • Hopefully, he'll still be able to pay the rent. Get it?
  • The diary's days are numbered.
  • Be careful who you sit next to at Starbucks.
  • Hey now. Political ads are catchy!
  • What the heck is Jared Leto up to?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Paging Dr. Juliet

102606kate (AP Photo/HO/ABC)

Sawyer has a daughter! Juliet is a fertility doctor! The Others have a submarine! And another island! "Lost" was full of revelations last night and, of course, more questions. Now we know why the castaways have never seen The Others' Wisteria Lane recreation. It's on another island altogether! (Or maybe not. Perhaps only The Others' makeshift prison is on the second island.) Here's other questions that were raised during the episode:

  • Who has the tumor? (Looks like Ben. We bet it's someone else.)
  • If Jack is there to save the person with the tumor, why are Sawyer and Kate there? To make a baby? 'Cause they're hot?
  • Unless The Others have their own med school (hey, it could happen), Juliet must have been off the island to get her degree, right? Why come back?
  • What's her relationship with Ben? Lover, sister or — tee hee hee — other?
  • Why hasn't anyone seen The Others' other island before?
  • Did Jack hear Kate and Sawyer?
  • Was that a second bunny?

"Borat" is Better Than Sexytime

102606borat (AP Photo/HO/Fox)

The Slug saw a previewing screening of "Borat" last night. Believe the hype. It truly is the funniest and most outrageous film of the year. (Granted, we haven't seen "Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" yet.) We hate to say this, but we also saw Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration" recently. And although Guest invented the mockumentary genre in "Waiting for Guffman," Sacha Baron Cohen has truly made it his own with a blend of both scripted and improvised elements, further blurring the lines between reality and fiction and making Americans looking totally dumb. Too bad not not everyone knows who he is.