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Friday, December 01, 2006

Candice Gets the Kiss Off on "Survivor"

120106candice (AP Photo/HO/CBS)

The riveting "Survivor: Cook Islands" episodes keep on coming. Last night, a vengeful Jonathan kept his fishy bounty from the kissy Raro kids. Yul shocked everyone by revealing he had the Hidden Immunity Idol. And Adam Gentry and Candice Woodcock had their final kiss right there at Tribal Council in front of everyone after she was voted off the island. Let's see what mutinious Candice has to say for herself.

The Slug: Why do you think they voted for you?

Candice Woodcock: Because they were smart. I saw it coming. I pretty much knew it was going to happen. The Aitu four didn't want to give me any chance to change anyone's mind.

The Slug: At least you didn't have to go Exile Island anymore. How many times did you go? What was it like?

Candice Woodcock: Four times. Five nights. I started calling Exile Island my summer home. One out of every six nights I was on "Survivor," I was on Exile Island. I was able to start fire. That was the only thing that kept me sane. When it started raining, you had no shelter.

The Slug: You couldn't get in that ship?

Candice Woodcock: No. That's production. So you were outside the entire time. If it started raining, you were soaked. It was rough. It was very emotional, knowing the game was going on without you.

The Slug: How do you feel about Jonathan? He followed you when you mutinied. He flipped and voted out Nate. And then he didn't give you any fish, which really set you off.

Candice Woodcock: I was surprised Jonathan followed me. I was surprised he flipped. I was surprised he didn't give me fish. Jonathan was playing a game. I was playing a game. I understand that. I did give him a hard time about it, but that was me trying to save myself at that point. There were some bad feelings, but I don't feel that way anymore. He's a good person. He did what he had to do.

The Slug: So let's talk about the love of your island life, Adam. When did that start?

Candice Woodcock: Well, let me correct you and say that it was not the love of my Cook Islands life. It was ... I don't know.

The Slug: How would you describe it then? I do not want to be inaccurate in the description of your relationship with Mr. Gentry.

Candice Woodcock: I guess I'll start with where we started. We got stuck in the canoe, which you saw in the recap episode, and that was on day three or something like that. We were out there for hours in the freezing cold. We kind of went through a tough experience, which gave us a bit of a bond. I wasn't trying to get into any romance out there at all. That was the last thing I wanted to do. But for some reason, Adam decided he liked me and he trusted me. I wasn't going to shut that down as an option. I wanted to wait and see if I could trust him — and I could.

The Slug: So who kissed who first?

Candice Woodcock: He kissed me first.

The Slug: Were you really into him? It seems like maybe he was more into you and you were just playing him as strategy. Or maybe you were just playing each other.

Candice Woodcock: That's definitely how it started off to begin with. I already had an agreement with Jonathan and Parvati. Antyhing with Adam would've made things difficult with me. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with it because our tribes got mixed up and I was away from him.

The Slug: Any chance for an off-island relationship?

Candice Woodcock: No.

The Slug: Why not?

Candice Woodcock: We're very different people. It worked on the island. We both needed someone we could trust. It was nice to have someone who always had your back. But, beyond that, we're just very different people.

The Slug: So it was just totally a showmance?

Candice Woodcock: That word. I never really heard that word before this season so I'm not totally sure what it means.

The Slug: What role was Parvati playing in all of this? When you were away, Adam was snuggling with her. And then last night, y'all were snuggling with each other.

Candice Woodcock: Well, to begin with, I was worried of looking like I was too close with Adam. So I told him from the beginning, "You should probably work on flirting with Parvati a little bit. And make sure she trusts you and likes you and all that stuff." I kind of suggested he do that.

The Slug: This is getting kinky.

Candice Woodcock: No. Not like that. But it was gross to see him snuggling with her. Because, at that point, he didn't need to prove anything to her. They had already been on the island for long enough together that she had a good sense of who he was. She was a good friend to say, "What about Candice, you dirty bird?" So I thought that was gross.

The Slug: So do you keep in touch with him or are you not allowed to?

Candice Woodcock: Yeah, CBS says we can't keep in touch.

The Slug: So there's been no text messages or e-mails with anyone?

Candice Woodcock: To be honest, I talk to a lot of people from the show just to keep up. You know, "Ooh. What's gonna happen this episode?" And that kind of thing.

The Slug: So you and Adam. It's totally fizzled out?

Candice Woodcock: Totally.

The Slug: You don't keep in touch with him?

Candice Woodcock: I do. I keep in touch with everyone. But not any differently from anyone else.

The Slug: And how was that last kiss with him before you walked off into the darkness? That was quite an ending.

Candice Woodcock: You know, it made for good TV. I am a huge fan of "Survivor." If it made the show more interesting, you know, great. But other that that? Ehhh.


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