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Friday, August 17, 2007

Dustin Dishes on "Big Brother 8" Houseguests

(AP Photo/HO/CBS)

As suspected, the pawn was sent packing on last night's "Big Brother." With Daniele now crowned Head of Household, we're beginning to think Eric could make it to the end. Would that mean he'd have to share his cash with America? Since Dustin is the first member of the jury, there's certain stuff ("America's Player" twist, Diary Room conversations, etc.) that CBS has forbidden The Slug from asking him in our post-eviction interview. So we're just gonna let Dustin dish on everyone left in the house before he goes into sequester. Let's see what he has to say.

Amber:  "As a person, I think she is a wonderful individual. She has a lot to give. Hopefully, with me gone, she can focus more on the game. That was my intention with getting Nick out during my Head of Household reign."

Dick: "Dick's strategy and tactic in this game is fear, but fear does not beget respect. With that approach, he will sink just as fast as I did. ... His 'princess' comments didn't bother me. I think they probably bothered other people outside the house, my family included."

Daniele: "I feel like she is strategic and a very strong player, but she goes about everything in the most wrong way. She spent the first part of the game hiding between Nick's legs. Then, after he left, she ran between her father's."

Eric: "Eric is a very strong player. I like Eric as a person. His actions and behavior for the past few weeks have spread him too thin, but as a player, we see things eye to eye. For whatever reason, he decided it would be best get me out this week. I guess we'll see if that works for him."

Jameka: "Jameka's loyalty is admirable but questionable at the same time. She stands for a lot, but in this game, you have to push yourself as a player. It's good to have morals and values, but sometimes it's OK to break them. She's very strong and very intuitive with people."

Jen: "Jen is a question mark. I'm not sure if she's playing dumb or really that vacant. I like her as an individual, but I don't know her very well."

Jessica: "I like Jessica. Her dishonesty is one thing that has been consistent from Day One."

Zach: "Oh, ol' Zach."


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