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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Magazines Go Boy Crazy This Week

061506cover (AP Photo/HO/People)

We're not sure why we're writing about this (other than an excuse to to post another photo of Taylor Hicks), but both People and TV Guide are going gaga over guys this week. TV Guide has their Television's Sexiest Men list while People unveils their Hottest Bachelors Issue. Guess it's been awhile since the glossies got some.

Anyway, the latter proclaims Hicks as the No. 1 Hottest Bachelor and also set up an e-mail address to find a blonde woman Hicks told the mag he "would probaly fall in love" with had he chatted her up on a plane. Well, not all blondes read People and The Slug wants to find this mystery lady first — we promise we won't hurt her — so we posted this message on Hicks' behalf in's missed connections section:

Did you make sexy eyes at a prematurely gray-haired dude? - m4w - 29

Reply to:
Date: 2006-06-15, 9:03AM PDT

Whoooo! We're posting this for a friend of ours. He's shy. If you're blonde, beautiful, were on a plane recently and locked eyes with a juicy 6'1"-tall silver-haired crooner from 'Bama, we want to talk to you. He thinks it could be love at first sight for ya'll. Just think of the "Possibilities." If you were actually into him and weren't just staring at him because he recently became superfamous and rich after winning the biggest show on television, e-mail us and you could become the First Lady of Soul Patrol. This is serious. Whoooo!



Ewww. Who cares about Taylor's love life except for middle-age married moms?

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