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Friday, June 23, 2006

Rejoice! Diet Cherry 7UP to Return to Us!

062306up_1 (AP Photo/Rajesh Nirgude)

Prayer works. After being deprived of the pink velvety deliciousness for months, The Slug has learned that Diet Cherry 7UP will return to your grocer's soda aisle.

"Diet Cherry 7UP is rolling out across the nation in June — back by consumer demand," spokeswoman Christine Danuser told The Slug in an e-mail after, you know, we asked what the heck happened to the only soda that sorta reminds us of champagne. (BTW, the diet version tastes totally better than the regular version. And don't even get us started on 7UP Plus.)

Wow. The asap water filter was fixed this week and now this. What a great time for liquids.



Thank you for breaking this story, slug. Just when I thought the media reported nothing but bad news. I turn to you from hear on out to be the bearer of all glad tidings. Hooray for Diet Cherry 7Up!

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