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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Slug Has Got Game

103006game (AP Photo Illustration/Derrik J. Lang)

Because the weather was so darn dreary this weekend, The Slug stayed inside, drank warm beverages and played a bunch of new board games. (Actually, make that just games. None of 'em came with boards. How futuristic!) We rated our three favorites for you since the holidays are right around the corner, which usually means mucho time-killing with the family while waiting for turkeys, hams and latkes.

Fun: "Survivor DVD Blast." The box for this DVD-based trivia game boasts that no board or game pieces are required. But isn't that, you know, part of the fun of playing a game? Instead, all moves happen on the tube. The game even keeps score for you. But unless you're a HUUUGE fan of "Survivor," this game is definitely difficult. Even The Slug didn't know most of the answers.

Funner: "Family Feud." OK. So this is technically a video game, but it can easily be played by multiple people. Since The Slug is a whore for game shows, we loved this highly customizable version of the classic. You can select what era studio to appear in and even edit the appearance of your family. Grandma gets an afro! Unfortunately, you can't select which host will read the survey questions. Boo! We want Richard Dawson! The game's Fast Money final round is particularly fun to play.

Funnest: "Banzai." Based on the absurd G4 show, this Japanese-themed DVD betting game comes with the awesomest accouterment ever: plastic sushi, chopsticks and "Karate Kid"-style headbands that players wear while predicting what will happen in bizarre DVD clips. For example, how many balloons will it take for a chicken to fly? The player with the most chopstick skill usually has the upperhand because betting requires picking up as many plastic sushi as possible in a 15-second span. Super cool.


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