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Monday, November 27, 2006

Karma is a Bizzle

112706nate (AP Photo/HO/CBS)

We already told you what happened on the Thanksgiving edition of "Survivor: Cook Islands." Nathan Gonzalez, king of the mixed metaphor, will be missed. We were particularly impressed when he called Jonathan Penner a "dirty, stanky, whack fruitcake" in his final words. And just in time for the holiday season, too! But when we asked him why he didn't hatch a plan to vote evil Jonathan off when he had the chance, all Nate-Dog could do was attempt to justify voting off Brad, Rebecca and Jenny. Sigh. Here's what else he had to say.

The Slug: Do you regret calling Brad a nancy boy?

Nate Gonzalez: It has caused some controversy. I've heard some people saying I'm a homophobe. The honest truth: I love Brad. Brad's my boy. I think he took offense that I said that so I'm gonna apologize. But me calling him nancy boy had no direct connotation to his sexual preference. I knew he was gay when we merged as a tribe. I had no problem with him being gay. As you can see now, we had a little time together outside the game. So we were cool. I think he took offense because we were tight. We were homies.

The Slug: How did it feel to watch Jonathan stab you in the back?

Nate Gonzalez: I was hurt. It was the biggest sucker punch you have ever had. It just hurt. You go so far in a game. This isn't like a pickup game of basketball. This is a one-time game. You can't go back and redo. So it really hurts when somebody takes it away. I knew the second I saw my name come up at Tribal Council that Jonathan betrayed me.

LISTEN: Was Nate kissy kissy with Parvati?

The Slug: You had some deliciously harsh parting words for him. Still feel the same way?

Nate Gonzalez: Inside the game, he's my enemy. He betrayed me. Do I think he's that kind of person outside the game? No. I think he's a good person. I think he's a good father. You know, we talked about normal life out there. You can't always talk about the game. But his game strategy did not include me. And my game strategy did not include him.

The Slug: What was your plan with that mysterious bottle? You voted Jonathan. Everyone else voted Jenny. Was there a plan?

Nate Gonzalez: We thought it was gonna be that the next highest votes would go. In that case, it would've been Jonathan. With Jenny, I don't know if Candice and Adam were upset that Jenny knew they had a little relationship going on. I don't know. I don't know if they were thinking, "She doesn't really get that much food and he does."

The Slug: You were originally divided racially. At this point in the game, were you considering that?

Nate Gonzalez: No. We're all humans. The game of race stopped the second we merged. I was done with it the second we were out. We were done with it before. We knew it was just a publicity stunt. At the end of day, yeah, I love my Hiki tribe. But I knew I was gonna have to work with people of other races in this game to succeed.


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