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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mission to Mars

112906mars (AP Photo/HO/The CW)

"Veronica Mars" scored its second largest audience in the whodunit's history last night with the episode that wrapped up the sometimes plodding, sometimes riveting college rape storyline. As far as the mystery goes, The Slug's money — all two dollars of it — was on Mercer from his first smarmy moment on screen. Then he got an alibi from Logan and was cleared of the charges two episodes ago.

So then we were clueless. And then it was Mercer! And he had an accomplice! And then that totally random prisoner experiment storyline from the beginning of the season made sense! So sneaky. We love it. Looks like Veronica's next case will be: Who murdered Dean O'Dell? Right now our money is on that pot-growing den mother Karen. Yes, it's out there. But so is "Veronica Mars."


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