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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Without Further Ado

112806olsen (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)

Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen topped peta2's — guess that's like MTV2 — worst-dressed list for decking their skinny selves out in fur in 2006. The Slug conducted our own experiment. We plugged the names of the Hollywood starlets who made the list into the AP Photo Archive to see who turned up in pelt the most. The results were furnominal.

1. Ashley Olsen. Although Richie was the furriest on peta2's list, we actually found more photos of the Olsen Twins donning fur. We gave 'em bonus points for appearing in a snapshot next to a fur-clad Anna Wintour, editor of Vouge and notorious PETA adversary.

2. Nicole Richie. What a minx. The Slug spotted Richie in a few fur-covered outfits including a furry capelet during a "TRL" appearance and a black number at New York Fashion Week last fall that looks like it was made out of "Black Beauty" but probably wasn't.

3. Eva Longoria. She barely wears clothes, let alone fur. But we did spot the "Desperate Housewife" wearing a fur shaw while attending a benefit at the American Museum of Natural History. But the photo was taken in 2005. Null and void.

4. Christina Ricci. Sorry, PETA. Your beef with Ricci must be personal because we couldn't find one photo of Ricci wearing fur in the entire AP Photo Archive. Why didn't Lindsay Lohan make the list instead? She's worn plenty of fur this year. Oh. Is it because she bought a button?


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