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Friday, December 01, 2006

Laurie Metcalf is One of the "My Boys"

120106myboys (AP Photo/HO/TBS)

Laurie Metcalf lives! While her character may have been shot in the head by a pedophile on "Desperate Housewives" after holding most of Wisteria Lane hostage in a supermarket, the under appreciated character actress will return with a guest spot on "My Boys" on Jan. 7, according to a TBS press release that just popped up in The Slug's in-box.

If you haven't caught it, "My Boys" is their heavily promoted and totally watchable new original comedy that's like "Sex and the City" but with under-sexed guys (see above) instead of over-sexed girls and set in Chicago instead of Manhattan. Metcalf will play the "rather flighty aunt" of the Sarah-Jessica-Parker-in-sneakers main character. If there's one thing Metcalf does well, it's flighty.


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