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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quiet Before the "MotorStorm"

121306motor (AP Photo/HO/Sony)

Crrrunch! This morning The Slug had the opportunity to preview some games for Sony systems to be released in 2007, including PS3's "Formula One" and PS2's "God of War II." Our favorite was "MotorStorm" for the PS3, a "Mad Max"-like racing game featuring a range of vehicles from motorcycles to ATVs to big rigs that plow through mountainous and muddy terrain. Pure fun and looked great (although we think it could look way better).

Meanwhile, "Formula One" harnessed the PS3 controller's motion sensing capability to steer, but still didn't reach the wavy heights of the Wii. (Maybe this is a good thing.) And "God of War II" looks like it'll be worth the pent-up anticipation. The developers showed The Slug an amazing sequence featuring Kratos lunging from falling column to falling column using his new grappling blade. You can catch demos for the PS3 games on the PlayStation Network if you want more, more, more.


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