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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Time Travel is On His Side

021507lost (AP Photo/HO/ABC)

Hated it. The latest episode of "Lost" could have been super-duper. Instead it was just mind-numbingly disjointed. OK. So it was kinda cool that Desmond actually traveled to the past for his longer-than-it-needed-to-be flashback, but what purpose did it serve? We didn't learn why he was in prison or anything more about the mysterious Charles Widmore (other than he's a whore for good scotch) or why Penelope is the love o' his life.

Most frustrating of all, Des didn't change his destiny when we had the opportunity. Why? Because some freaky antique dealer that reminded The Slug of an Angela Lansbury version of The Oracle from "The Matrix" told him not to? That's just so ... lame. "Lost" sure better course correct next week or we're going to team up with the universe and make sure Charlie gets it.


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