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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finale Overload

052407idol  (AP Photo/HO/Fox)

Our head is spinning after the past two nights of conclusions, cliffhangers and crownings on TV finales. Some were worth the wait while others were knuckle-bitingly frustrating. Before we start consuming an unhealthy diet of bad summer reality shows — here we come, "Age of Love" — The Slug is gonna take one last look at the finales and then move on.

"American Idol." How did they possibly pack sooo many performances, cameos and Jeff Foxworthy appearances into two hours? By the time we got to the Beatles tribute (which would've been so much better if the past "Idol" winners would've, you know, actually sang together), The Slug forgot why were were watching until Ryan Seacrest revealed that Blake Lewis was robbed. Robbed, we say!

"Dancing with the Stars." This bloated conclusion filled with endless montages and completely unnecessary dance numbers was fitting considering this fourth season was entertaining yet uneven. "Dancing" took far too long to cha cha to the festooning of deserving champion Apolo Anton Ohno. Maybe we're just holding a grudge since Steve Sanders didn't win. It was a bad night for blonde guys.

"Lost." From the first scene, this episode felt bigger and more epic than ever before. Every castaway played a delicious part in stopping — or, in one case, helping — The Others. And, for the first time, "Lost" delivered a finale twist ending that wasn't too gimmicky or trite but totally satisfying and unexpected. Can we flashforward to next February? Please!?

"Veronica Mars." We have to admit it. After coming back from hiatus and dropping the ongoing mystery element, we felt "Veronica Mars" lost her luster. But these final two hours were a wonderful reminder how funny, emotional, gripping and smart this show has been for the past three seasons. How dare the above shows get to continue and "Mars" get left in the rain. How dare they. 


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