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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"America's Got" Leonid the Magnificent Again

062707leonid (AP Photo/HO/NBC)

Sitting through two hours of NBC's "America's Got Talent" is becoming torturous, what with the bad boy bands, slow-mo backstage footage and continued fakery of audition locales. However, this is one of the highest rated shows on TV this summer, according to Nielsen Media Research, and The Slug must stay in touch with this great nation of ours. Luckily, we were treated to the return of Leonid the Magnificent, the  giant drag queen who told the judges last year, "Yes, for you I'm Christmas tree, but for somebody else, I can be a God."

This time around, Leonid had longer locks, backup dancers and a bigger chip on his shoulder. Of course, campy Sharon Osbourne, who wasn't a judge last year, loved him, and David Hasselhoff now hates him. (Hoff, last week you flipped out over Boy Shakira and this week Leonid. What's your prob with drag, Dave?) The Slug actually wasn't as impressed with Leonid this time around. He simply did a little dance and then told the judges to "go to hell." Our advice to Leonid: Ditch your skinny backup dancers and teamup with the Glamazons, who stole last night's show. 


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