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Friday, June 08, 2007

Building a Virtual World Out of Legos

060807lego (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

The Slug received a startling press release from Denmark today announcing that the Lego brand is being turned into a new massively multiplayer online game titled "Lego Universe." WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?! Legos are supposed to be a tangible toy used to build castles, cars, pirate ships or other insanely blocky primary colored structures that hurt if you accidentally step on them. Lego-themed video games and online celebrity paper dolls are one thing, but an online world made of digital Legos with mini-fig avatars running around is taking this whole virtual world trend a brick too far.



Like a lot of toys on the market now, going to extremes seem to be the way to go, though I do not agree with that approach.

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