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Monday, June 11, 2007

"The Sopranos" Doesn't Go "Six Feet Under"

061107sux (AP Photo/HO/HO/John P. Johnson)

Please quit your "awww come on"-ing and "that was it?"-ing over "The Sopranos" series finale. We don't want to hear it anymore. Nobody asked us, but here's how we would've liked "The Sopranos" to end: Everyone. Dead. Yep, we would've liked to see how each character bites it whether in the near or distant future. Uncle Junior. Meadow. Tony. Dr. Melfi. All of 'em. Axed. Yes, we know "Six Feet Under" did this when it ended, but what better way to punctuate a series these days? There's no nagging questions. The Slug is still wondering if Carrie lived happily ever after with Mr. Big John or moved on.



There's no way Carrie is still with Big. He's a total commitment-phobe, and that finale was the worst ever. Finale-wise, I liked My So-Called Life, which wrapped things up without really wrapping things up. ... Oh, and great Paris blog. I get ALL my news from The Slug!

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