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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TV Land Makes Our Sick Dreams Come True

062707loni (AP Photo/Ira Gostin)

At last year's MTV Networks upfront presentation, the preview clip that thrilled us most (in a guilty pleasure sorta way) was TV Land's "Back to the Grind." The original reality series — yes, TV Land doesn't just show reruns, anymore —  features actors from classic sitcoms trying their hand at the jobs they portrayed on TV. Loni Anderson answering phones at a real radio station? We're so there. (Remember when Loni graced tabloid covers long before Jennifer Whatsherface? Ah, memories.)

More than a year later, TV Land sent us a preview of the first episode, which premieres July 18 and  features Anderson as well as Erik Estrada as a California highway patrol officer. Unfortch, "Back to the Grind" ain't nearly as juicy as we originally suspected. The first episode fell flat. It'd be better if the TV legends did the gigs for more than just a couple of days. However, we'll reserve judgment until we see episodes starring "Golden Girls" Bea Arthur and Betty White. Canyoubelievetheysignedupforthisthing?! Arthur makes like Dorothy and becomes a teacher while White hosts a cooking show à la "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Mmmm. Could be delicious!


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