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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ask Your Doctor if Yaz is Right for You

(AP Photo)

Have you seen those annoying new birth control pill commercials starring a gaggle of gals chatting about premenstrual dysphoric disorder? "My doctor told me about this new low-dose birth control pill. It's called Yaz," the blonde one chirps. Say whaa?! The Slug thought Yaz was an awesome synth-pop group from the '80s composed of crooner Alison Moyet, pictured above, and Depeche Moder Vince Clarke, not a pill that magically shortens visits from Aunt Flo. Do symptoms include sideways ponytail swelling and drowsy banana clips? Whatev. Our HMO probably only covers New Order pain reliever, anyway. Somebody call Michael Moore!




My HMO only covers NightSounds-itis. Wish I could get some of that Yaz or as its know stateside-Yazoo...

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