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Friday, July 20, 2007

Joe Dishes on "Big Brother" Houseguests

(AP Photo/HO/CBS)

What sweet revenge! Dick won the Head of Household competition on last night's "Big Brother 8" live episode, just moments after winning enough votes to stay in the house. We chatted with over-the-top evictee Joe Barber II this morning. He said the rivals twist was "a tad played out" and that he could have "never trusted" his ex-boyfriend Dustin. Let's see what he had to say about everyone that's left in the house — except Eric. A CBS publicist pulled him off the phone before we could ask him about "America's Player." So tell us what you think about Eric at [email protected].   

Amber: "Cry, cry, cries a river. And I think it's all fake. I think she is genuinely as empathetic as she portrays. She does cry because she's emotional like that, but I think it's totally going to destroy her gameplay and she's going to be out in a couple of weeks."

Daniele: "Beautiful girl. She is wonderful inside and out. She's got a sparkling personality. And she's quite the gamemaster. People better be watching her closely."

Jameka: "Jameka is lovely. She's got a great big heart. And she's very honest. I look forward to seeing her play the game. I hope she does very well."

Jen: "There's nothing you can say about Jen because Jen says it all herself. She thinks she's perfect. I'm surprised they could fit her head in the house. To be honest, she's a realistic person, and she's got a positive outlook on life, and that's going to carry her far in the game."

Jessica: "Jessica's the sweetest most beautiful angel sent down from heaven to keep me cozy in my bed. She is lovely. She's got a great smile. And she's funny as heck. She's the one person I want to connect with outside of the house."

Kail: "Kail is a very smart woman. She is an extremely conniving gamer. She's honest. She's played a really great game thus far, but I think that's going to hurt her, especially with Dick going around in a firestorm about her. I think she was unjustly targeted by Dick, for whatever personal reason."

Dustin: "Douchey. Douchey. Douchey. He's a scammer. He's a charmer. He's like a snake oil salesman. He's going to put the positive spin on everything, any way he can. As the stress begins to mount, he's definitely going to break under pressure."

Dick: "Take him or leave him, he is who he is and he has no apologies for it. That's something I highly respect of an individual. [As head of household], I think he's got one of two options. Either he can go with the obvious and put Kail and Jen up or turn the house upside down and pick people that no one sees coming."

Nick: "Nick's gorgeous. "

Mike: "Mike's a box of rocks that looks gorgeous. I would lick whatever substance I could possibly lick off his body."

Zach: "Zach is a creepo."


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