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Monday, July 16, 2007

Looking Back at E3

(AP Photo/Stefano Paltera)

After spending a week in Los Angeles with Becks, Posh and gaming geeks, The Slug is back on the East Coast, baby. This year's E3 Media and Business Summit will probably be remembered for its controversial decision to downsize and focus on compelling new content. Nintendo introduced two innovative controllers. Sony paraded its social networking platform "Home" and continued to tease with "Killzone 2." And Microsoft is putting its money on more family-friendly fare and something called "Halo 3." Find out what The Slug thought about the swag, setup and more as we ask ourselves questions about E3, after the jump.

What did you think of the smaller setup? Hated it, we think. We didn't appreciate having to hurriedly bounce from hotel to hotel to airport hanger along the Southern California coastline to attempt to make our overbooked appointments with gaming publishers and developers. However, this was our first E3, so we really have no basis for comparison. We can't imagine mingling with 60,000 folks instead of this year's 5,000 attendees. 

What was the biggest hassle? Microsoft. Everything they did annoyed The Slug during E3. Their press conference was held at a high school amphitheater with backless seats. They rented the entire Viceroy Hotel for one-on-one briefings, but that apparently didn't include the parking lot 'cause we had to pay for our space. And when we checked in at the hotel for our appointment, they didn't have The Slug in their computer. Worst of all, one Microsoft security guard questioned our fashion choices. Gasp!

How was the swag? Swag? What swag? All The Slug got was a "Rock Band" T-shirt and an Electronic Arts flash drive containing some press materials. We didn't attend E3 for free stuff, anyway. We were there to see and play new content, dude.

What did you think of the Wii Zapper? It felt like we were really holding a gun!

Who had the best party? Without a doubt, the "Age of Conan" party at the Air Conditioned Supper Club during the first night of E3. (Yes, that's really the venue's name.) Hot music, a friendly crowd, an old-school atmosphere and dancing barbarian babes wrapped in snakes were all nice touches. If you haven't watched our report from the E3 party scene, you really should

Who won the battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? They fought? We didn't see that part.

What was the best game you played? Not so fast. For now, we're keeping that to ourselves. We'll be discussing the best and worst of E3 with our West Coast colleague Ryan Pearson in this week's edition of "Up Down Left Right," asap's weekly gamer video. Come back Thursday for that. Oh, quit your crying. It's only three days away.


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