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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Price is Right" to Become the Drew Carey Show

(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Guess we'll have to stop living in denial. In case you hadn't heard, Drew Carey has been officially tapped to replace Bob Barker as host of The Slug's favoritest game show "The Price is Right." We'd heard rumblings about this funnyman as the front-runner for Bob's job for a few weeks now but didn't publicly weigh in on The Slug, hoping that the rumors weren't true. Sigh. Pocket Change is often difficult to accept.

Drew Carey is nice and all, but we're just not sure he has that certain je ne sais Barker. We'll give him 10 Chances to see if he makes us Bonkers. Only then will we implore CBS to Let 'Em Roll right off the Golden Road. He'll get his first chance tomorrow 'cause we're scheduled to attend a taping of his new primetime game show "Power of 10." Come back tomorrow to see if we think Carey is a Hole in One (or Two).


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