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Monday, August 27, 2007

"Beauty and the Geek" and the Girl and the Stud

(AP Photo/HO/20th Century Fox)

As we were perusing the new "Beauty and the Geek" contestants in a CW press release, we were shocked to see that one of the nerdy dudes was named Nicole. How embarrassing: a geek with a girl's name! But then we realized we skipped over the part that explained, "in their first days, they learn they have to compete against one pair that's the complete opposite — a hot guy and a geeky girl — which immediately throws the rest of the house into turmoil."

The hot guy is a Sam, a 26-year-old party promoter from Davis, Calif. The geeky girl is Nicole, a 25-year-old musicology graduate at Tufts University. This could be a verrry interesting twist for the four-year-old reality series. Let's just hope this real-life "Ugly Betty" has the chance to blossom into a butterfly or at least hookup with a bunch of her fellow nerds.


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