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Friday, August 03, 2007

Chatting with Nick from "Big Brother 8"

(AP Photo/HO/CBS)

The showmance is over! Nick Starcevic was evicted from the "Big Brother 8" house last night following a week of divine intervention (God giving Jameka the Power of Veto), violence (Dick dumping his tea on Jen) and outside interference (fans sending airplane banners over the house). Let's ask the good-natured evictee about the America's Player twist, double-crossing Amber and what exactly he and Daniele were doing under the covers.

The Slug: What or who led to your eviction?

Nick Starcevic: I think the thing that ultimately led to my eviction was the alliance I was originally in, the Mrs. Robinson alliance. I think I was so approachable, and I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar with a whole bunch of different alliances.

The Slug: Do you think Eric being America's Player and the houseguests thinking he cast the second vote last week also led to your demise?

Nick Starcevic: It did come into play in the demise of myself. People couldn't trust me right away after I told them about the alliance. That second vote that was cast, people kind of passed it off that it was me. That did not help me, for sure. People did not trust me this week, and that ultimately led to my eviction.

The Slug: How did you feel about the twist?

Nick Starcevic: I like it. And I like the fact that it's Eric. I knew something was sketchy with him from the get-go. We were all weirded out by him. We didn't know what his deal was. We gave him a week, and he turned out to be a super funny, personable person.

The Slug: How do you feel about Amber right now?

Nick Starcevic: I'm still a big fan of Amber. The conversations I had with Amber inside the house were real. I know that she didn't cast a vote to keep me this week. That wasn't a big deal. It was in the context of the game. There are certain people I like inside the house, and she's one of them.

The Slug: How would you feel about Amber saying one thing to your face and another to Dustin?

Nick Starcevic: I wouldn't be surprised because that's, like I said, the context of the game. There's some interesting people in there. There's some good actors. In my heart of hearts, I know she's a good person and meant most of the stuff that she said to me.

The Slug: Do you think her crying is real or an act?

Nick Starcevic: I honestly don't know how somebody could act like that. I hope it's real. I hope she has those emotions. I don't know how you could turn the waterworks on and off like that. I'm guessing that it's real. There's a couple of times I was like, "She's crying again?" There were times when it got a little annoying to some people.

The Slug: What do you hope happens with you and Daniele in the future?

Nick Starcevic: I'm open to anything. I'm not expecting anything in terms of Daniele and myself. I would be open to a relationship with Daniele and myself, but I know she's got a boyfriend. So we'll see how things pan out.

The Slug: How do you think finale night is gonna go down? He'll probably be in attendance.

Nick Starcevic: Oh, it'll be awesome. Just one big family.

The Slug: You could get punched, Nick!

Nick Starcevic: That could be happen. I could be sitting at the bar and have a glass over my head.

The Slug: Would you consider what you and Daniele were doing in the house cheating?

Nick Starcevic: I'm just gonna pass on that question.

The Slug: This isn't a game show. You can't pass.

Nick Starcevic: I wouldn't say she cheated. We definitely had some moments that were touching and emotional.

The Slug: Were you making out under the covers? 

Nick Starcevic: I don't know. Were we making out under the covers? Maybe we were just whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.

The Slug: Oh, Nick. Did you see any of the banners that have been flying over the house?

Nick Starcevic: No, we don't get to see any of the banners.

The Slug: Well, I think some of the houseguests saw one during the competition last night. I believe it said, "We love Nick. Amber and Eric are liars."  How does that make you feel?

Nick Starcevic: That makes me feel really special. It's nice to know that people care about the show that much, and we touch people's lives like that. You can't fathom the idea when you're in the house. I didn't take notice of the cameras. I don't know who's watching me. But when you get out and hear things like that, it's pretty special.

The Slug: Let's talk about Jen. How do you feel about her? You went off on her in last night's episode.

Nick Starcevic: I'm not a big fan of Jen. I got to know her in there over the course of a month. It only took me three days to get to know her. There were a lot of comments that strayed far from reality. There were a lot of things that didn't sit well with me. I don't hate anyone in the house, but I sure as heck don't like them all, either.

The Slug: What do you think Daniele will do as Head of Household?

Nick Starcevic: It all falls on her. I think if Jen got kicked out of the house this week, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

The Slug: What do you think it will be like being outside of the house, away from Daniele, now?

Nick Starcevic: I'll have to do my best. I think she'll have a harder time. I'll be able to see her on TV three days a week.



Swoon! I'm even more love in with Nick now.

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