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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They Were The Ones That You Wanted

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Don't quit your day job, America. AP drama critic doesn't think you did such a keen job casting the latest Broadway revival of "Grease," you know, that "High School Musical" grandparent that starred John Travolta back when he was hot. Personally, we knew this whole thing was a train wreck from the beginning. Here's what Kuchwara has to say about your picks:

"As Danny, Max Crumm gives a cautious performance, vocally OK but short on swagger and sex appeal. Laura Osnes nicely gets Sandy's transformation, morphing with enthusiasm from good girl to bad babe. Check out her skintight outfit in the last scene, courtesy of designer Martin Pakledinaz. Osnes also sings well and throws herself into Marshall's spirited choreography."


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