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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who Sent the "Big Brother" Banner?

(AP Photo/HO/CBS/Ron Edmonds)

Wow. That mysterious banner calling Eric a liar actually motivated Daniele to attempt the dangerous backdoor eviction tactic on last night's "Big Brother." And TMZ is reporting that a pilot who was gonna fly a banner revealing Eric as "America's Player" received a cease-and-desist letter from CBS. Just who's ponying up the cash to send these thangs flying over the "Big Brother" house this summer? Let's take a look at The Slug's suspects:

  • Joe Barber II: The second evicted houseguest was the saddest to leave. What better way to keep a stake in manipulating the game than to send the houseguests a message he knows they will see? Then again, the banners didn't have any disparaging remarks about his ex, Dustin.
  • Janelle Pierzina: She is perhaps the smartest "Big Brother" player never to have won. Maybe she was upset she didn't get another chance that she decided to usurp the integrity of the game? Nah. Janie apparently posted a message at Survivor Sucks saying she would never out Eric.
  • Chill Town: They're sneaky and have the cash, but what would be Will and Boogie's motivation? Just jerking the game around again? Maybe the terrible twosome sent banners flapping over Los Angeles to move negative attention off Jen, who's been rumored to be a Chill Town ally?
  • The Internet: We're not sure what's to gain, but who's more obsessed about what goes on inside the "Big Brother" house than our friends at Web sites such as Joker's Updates and Silly Hamsters? If enough at-home folks pooled money together online, they could totally afford such a diversion.
  • Julie Chen: We know what you're thinking, "Julie Chen?! How could she? She's an objective journalist." We reply: "Exactly! What a perfect cover!" The host wouldn't bat a mascara-covered eyelash at the price of renting a prop plane. It's a tactic just advanced enough for Chenbot 2.0.



Apparently that Will Estell guy who was first reported on TMZ. then on CBS's website is the guy behind the banners.
He now claims to have three planes to try to pull the job off incase one or more get grounded legally like the first one, Hider did. CBS actually posted his phone number on their site after a fan of the show did so to bust him out on another site.
I called it ...along with several other web readers, I've read...and after a few attempts actually got the guy on the phone.
He is friendly and funny but determined to spoil the house secrets with the banners.
His company, bcb Media near Birmingham,AL apparently does this sort of thing for fun and sometimes for bigger annonomys clients I have read. Some think that another network may actually be behind this. If so it might be backfiring...many think BIG BROTHER is better after the banners.


I forgot to mention. You can actually see the Estell guy behind the banners by going to his Editor's page on the website for one of the "real job" media projects he works on. I found it on the web but checked it out to make sure it was real. Its the website for a wedding magazine called Emerald Coast Brides that he is the Editor-in-Chief for. Just go to the site then click on editors letter for his pic and letter.

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