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Friday, September 28, 2007

Favoritiest Photo of the Week: Buy a Vowel

(AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Our mother thinks photos featuring folks with closed eyelids are automatically bad. However, we think if Vanna White, Pat Sajak and a giant "Wheel of Fortune" cake are involved, all is forgiven. However, there's one thing that does bug us about our Favoritiest Photo of the Week this week. How come there's no "Bankrupt" or "Lose a Turn" spaces on that cake?! Whatever. You know we'd still eat a slice. Take the original caption for a spin:

"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak and co-host Vanna White arrive at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Wheel of Fortune" sponsored by People magazine in New York, Thursday Sept. 27, 2007. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

It's a DigitalLife Afterall

(AP Photo/Hillary Rhodes)

Yesterday, we attended the first-day festivities at the DigitalLife technology, gaming and entertainment event here in New York. As far as video games go, there wasn't anything new. "Lord of the Rings Online." "BioShock." "Gears of War." Been there. Played that. (Of course, that didn't stop us from playing them again in this week's installment of "Up Down Left Right.") What was new at DigitalLife was a barrage of robot products. Spy bots. Cleaning bots. There was even a robotic Elvis. No thanks, DigitalLife. Didn't we learn anything from the "Terminator" movies?!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Josie Maran Foxtrots Off "Dancing"

(AP Photo/HO/ABC)

Goodbye, Josie Maran. It's like we never knew you. Wait. We really didn't know you.

"Top Chef" Has Got Game

(AP Photo/HO/NBC)

After last night's gamey elk elimination challenge, we now have our final three on "Top Chef." Bon appétit. Previously, we thought this was Casey's competition to lose, but then Dale served up that sob story about getting fired and dumped. Could the judges have a sweet spot for the mohawked chef? Whatever happens, we hope we never have to hear the contestants whine about showing the judges "what they can do" ever again. Bring on the vending machines and Bacardi product placement!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meet the Duchess of Cornwax

(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Yikes. We just can't look away from Madame Tussauds' Duchess of Cornwall wax figure, which was unveiled today in London. Last June, Camilla Parker-Bowles modeled for sculptors and personally selected her figure's eyes, outfit and accessories. Weird. What's stranger is that The Slug has already seen a waxy Camilla over at Louis Tussauds' Waxworks in Niagara Falls. This one is definitely better — or scarier. You decide.

"Samantha Who?" Cares

(AP Photo/HO/ABC)

Can you induce amnesia? 'Cause we'd like to forget we watched the first two episodes of ABC's "Samantha Who?" This new comedy, premiering Oct. 15, stars Christina Applegate as an amnesiac who awakens from an eight-day coma and learns she was previously nasty. This show has a stellar supporting cast. Besides Applegate, there's Jean Smart from "24" and "Designing Woman," Jennifer Esposito from "Rescue Me," Melissa McCarthy from "Gilmore Girls" and Barry Watson from "What About Brian?"

Unfortch, none of these very funny actors can rise above the cutesy but flat material in "Samantha Who?" Hmph. ABC canceled "Knights of Prosperity" for this? Strangely, the setup itself is hilarious. Amnesia? Comedy gold? Who knew!? However, every single joke is as forgettable as Samantha's past. We're fairly certain we didn't laugh out loud once while watching this show, well, unless somebody bumped us on the head and we totally forgot. Maybe we should watch a few more episodes just to make sure.

"Dancing" with the Gentlemen

(AP Photo/HO/ABC)

The men took center stage on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, turning this dignified ballroom competition into a rowdy locker room. Mark Cuban kept wagging his tongue on the dance floor. Albert Reed wouldn't stop making faces at the camera. Floyd Mayweather was constantly gyrating his hips. And Wayne Newton was, well, he was just kinda creepy. Thankfully, racer Helio Castroneves brought class, distinction and an impeccable routine to an otherwise bizarre episode. We can't wait until "Dancing with the Stars" mixes genders once again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ring! Ring! It's "Heroes" Calling!

(AP Photo/HO/Gameloft)

While everyone else was waiting in line for "Halo 3" last night, The Slug attended a preview event for Gameloft's "Heroes: The Mobile Game" at the Nokia flagship store in New York. Granted, the game looks more like "Double Dragon" than "Bioshock," but it's kinda cool 'cause you can fly around the city as Peter, teleport through a museum as Hiro and kick butt in a casino as Jessica. Most partygoers were bogarting the phones, but we did get to play the Jessica levels, which were far less annoying than any of Ali Larter's scenes last season.

"Dancing" with the Ladies

(AP Photo/HO/ABC)

How annoying. ABC has divided the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" into two parts, well, three if you count Wednesday's results show, or four if you count our planned purging session on Thursday. Tomorrow night, the guys will do their thang. Last night, the female celebrities twirled in the spotlight.

Marie Osmond and Dr. Quinn's routines reminded us of our mom getting her groove on at a wedding reception. Kelly from "90210" and Scary Spice were scarily average. The worst, however, was probably Josie Maran, who'll probably be voted off because, well, who is Josie Maran? Luckily, the popping and locking of "Cheetah Girl" Sabrina Bryan made "Dancing with the Stars" feel like an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," which is to say she made the show worth watching.

"Heroes" Rips Open New Season

(AP Photo/HO/NBC)

Is it just us or did the "Heroes" season premiere feel like we arrived late to a party where everyone is already drunk? There was so much to digest in this episode — Mohinder's new friend, Nathan's reflection, Maya's power, Claire's new car — that we feel like we have a "Heroes" hangover this morning.

So, question time: Who put Peter in that crate?  What was Nathan looking at in the mirror? Who is Molly dreaming about? Who's the hooded guy? And is Hiro's dad really dead? Overall, the jumpy second season starter gave The Slug a bit of motion sickness — but so do all good roller coasters. What did you think?