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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Slug Jumped Over the "Moonlight"

(AP Photo/HO/CBS/Monty Brinton)

The Slug was so excited when we heard that private detective series "Moonlighting" was coming back to television Sept. 28. But get this: There's no Bruce Willis, Cybil Shepard or any playful romantic tension this time around. In fact, this version features a bunch of vampires. Oh. Wait. The private detective series we watched is just called "Moonlight" and has nothing to do with that show from the '80s? That explains why it's so bland. Basically, "Moonlight" is "Angel" without the "Buffy" mythology or heart. At least "Veronica Mars" scene stealer Jason Dohring keeps thangs moving as a 400-year-old blood sucker. We'll take him over Bruce Willis any decade.


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