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Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Survivor" and "Real World" Stand-Ins

(AP Photo/HO/CBS)

CBS has been posting some pretty cool YouTube videos shot by "Survivor: China" host Jeff Probst. The new season debuts Sept. 20. This one is about the Dream Team, a group of twentysomethings who test out the physical challenges and assist in other departments. They're like cast members, but they compete for beer instead of $1 million. Nice. The Dream Team members even sit at Tribal Council so the set can be lit properly for television. CBS says upcoming videos will be about walking to the challenges and a day in the life of Probst.

"Survivor" isn't the only reality TV show to have a Dream Team. When we visited "The Real World" house in Austin, Texas, a few years back for the AP, the producers also employed seven look-a-likes. Before the actual cast moved in, the look-a-likes — they were just called production assistants, not Dream Teamers — had to just hang out around the house so the camera operators could practice following folks around. They also helped confuse on-lookers who wanted to know who was in the cast before the show aired. Sneaky!


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