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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drew Carey Needs "Price is Right" Improvement

(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

The Slug made no bones about how we felt about Drew Carey becoming host of "The Price is Right." We weren't pleased with that decision. So we gave him some time to settle into his new daytime gig before passing judgment. However, he's been at it for over a week now, and we can remain silent no longer. Yesterday's episode sent us over the edge. Although Carey is a little better than we originally expected — granted, those expectations were really, really low — The Slug can't tolerate these three things:

1. Carey has developed a nervous twitch where he'll fumble with his coat pocket on camera. Maybe he's just checking to make sure $500 is in there, in case a contestant's bid is exactly right. Whatever the reason, it drives us nuts. Keep your hands out of your pocket!

2. Before playing Barker's Bargain Bar (thankfully they didn't change the game's name) Carey has a running joke that the game is named after Ezekiel Barker, the "founder" of "Price is Right." That's not funny — or respectful to the dude who the game is actually named after.

3. Carey keeps flubbing Bob's "help control the pet population" spiel at the end of the show. Even when he gets it right, his delivery sounds completely forced. If he doesn't truly care if the audience spays and neuters their pets, he shouldn't say it.


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