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Monday, October 15, 2007

"Sex and the" Spoilers

(AP Photos/Darla Khazei)

It's not a good time to live in New York. That's because the much ballyhooed "Sex and the City" movie is currently shooting in the Big Apple — and it's tough to avoid being spoiled from certain plot points when Carrie Bradshaw is running around the street in a wedding gown. Gasp! Is she really gonna marry Mr. Big? Why is she attacking him with her bouquet? What's that bird on her head? Questions! Questions!

Maybe the filmmakers are just shooting a fake scene to deceive nosy bystanders? Maybe it's just a dream sequence? (Yeah, right. Since when did "Sex and the City" ever do dream sequences?) We're just not that into being spoiled. However, if you're not like us and wanna know every Cosmo-soaked morsel, strut your Manolos over to this blog entirely devoted to the film.


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