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Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Costumes Ideas

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The Slug's favoritest holiday is just around the corner. That means it's time to dress up like a celebrity train wreck and hope everyone else in the room gets it. The Slug suspects lots of folks will be Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton, so we're opting for other topical pop-culture icons. This year, we're keeping it simple (and cheap!), so all our ideas consist of just three elements. Let us know which of these five characters you think would garner us more tricks than treats.

  • Bee Hive Wig + Black Tooth Makeup + Illegal Substances = Amy Winehouse
  • Computer Chip Contacts + Cleavage + Sagging Ratings = "Bionic Woman"
  • Bad Weave + Glittery Bra and Panties + No Facial Expression = Britney Spears
  • Wallet Chain + Suicidal Tendencies Shirt + Farting = "Evel" Dick Donato
  • Ponyhawk Wig + Microphone + No Talent = Sanjaya Malakar

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chatting with the Donatos from "Big Brother 8"

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The Slug didn't see that coming. We definitely thought the "Big Brother 8" jury would give the grand prize to Daniele Donato, not her estranged father "Evel" Dick. What was more interesting than Dick's win, of course, was the look on Jessica Hughbanks' face when it was revealed that Eric Stein had been instructed by America on how to play the game all summer long. After the jump, let's see what the Donatos have to say about their surprising win.

LISTEN: What did Dick really think bout the "America's Player" twist?


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Monday, September 17, 2007

It's All in the Family on "Big Brother"

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They did it. They actually did it. Both Dick and Danielle Donato, the estranged father and daughter, made it to the final two on "Big Brother 8" despite claims that Dick cheated. They might as well give Danielle the $500,000 grand prize now because there's no way the jury members will vote for Dick to win. Right? The finale will probably be pretty anticlimactic, but we'll be watching tomorrow just to see how the contestants react to Eric revealing that he was "America's Player." The following day, CBS' "Big Brother" iron curtain will be lifted, and The Slug will be talking to the Donatos. Send us your questions at [email protected].

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"America's Player" Got No Game

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The Slug's had enough of this "America's Player" twist on "Big Brother 8." We were against Eric as our minion from the outset. Sure, he started to win us over this summer, but we're totally off "Team America" after Eric cried in the Diary Room, dissed our favoritest "Big Brother" player ever and bizarrely pushed Jessica's face with his hand while he jostled his tongue in her throat during last night's episode. Gross. Isn't all this stuff worth a penalty nomination or something?

Friday, August 31, 2007

"Big Brother" Keeper

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As suspected, Amber was evicted from the "Big Brother 8" house and that means no post-eviction interview with The Slug. That's because we weren't willing to agree with CBS to not to ask Amber (or Jameka, if she's evicted from the game) about those controversial remarks that Amber made a few weeks ago. However, even if Zach had been evicted last night, CBS wasn't granting evictee interviews. We're wondering what's gonna go down in the sequester house when Amber realizes that Dustin and Jen were interviewed and she wasn't. Anyway, now that Zach Attack has won Head of Household, who do you think he's going to nominate for eviction?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Big Brother" From Another Mother

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Oh, what a crazy season of "Big Brother" this has been. Since the Golden Power of Veto wasn't used by Eric last night, Amber and Zach are stayin' on the block. We think Amber will be the one walking out the door this Thursday, if you take that whole "America's Player" thingie into account. Unfortch, we don't think we'll be asking her about her eviction or anything else, for that matter.

While The Slug has interviewed each evicted houseguests all season long, we won't be interviewing Amber (or Jameka, if she's evicted down the road) because CBS has stated that we must agree not to ask those houseguests about those controversial remarks Amber made a few weeks ago. The journalist part of us says that's just not something we can agree to do — so we won't.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Chatting with Jen from "Big Brother 8"

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The Slug might have to cancel our summer tour because "Big Brother 8" is giving us a case of "severe exhaustion." On last night's episode, Jen Johnson participated in an unruly cigarette tug-of-war with Dick Donato. Then, she completely disregarded her food restriction. Let's see what the evicted houseguest and second jury member has to say about her physical altercation, penalty vote and who she thinks should win the game.

LISTEN: Does Jen think Dick should've been kicked out of the house?


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Stuff Going Down on "Big Brother"

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We don't want to spoil "Big Brother" for all the non-feed watchers out there, but we understand some hot messes have been going down this week — that don't have anything to do with Eric Stein's Woobie. We're talkin' people leaving the house, penalty nominations, men wearing bikinis, crazy stuff like that. This week's episodes will no doubt be interrrresting.

In related news, Andy Dehnart over at realityblurred said today that CBS has been "handcuffing the media" when it comes to jury interviews. Kinky! However, we definitely don't feel handcuffed. If we did, we wouldn't participate. We've simply agreed with CBS to not ask the jury members about anything they didn't see or experience themselves or say something that could sway their vote.

The Slug's "Big Brother" interviews are conducted over the phone, not via e-mail. We don't submit questions in advance. We've never done that before — for reality TV-related interviews or otherwise — and would never. Sure, it's just a silly reality TV show, but we want to get the facts right to the best of our ability. As always, we welcome your suggestions, questions or suggestions for questions at [email protected].

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dustin Dishes on "Big Brother 8" Houseguests

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As suspected, the pawn was sent packing on last night's "Big Brother." With Daniele now crowned Head of Household, we're beginning to think Eric could make it to the end. Would that mean he'd have to share his cash with America? Since Dustin is the first member of the jury, there's certain stuff ("America's Player" twist, Diary Room conversations, etc.) that CBS has forbidden The Slug from asking him in our post-eviction interview. So we're just gonna let Dustin dish on everyone left in the house before he goes into sequester. Let's see what he has to say.

Amber:  "As a person, I think she is a wonderful individual. She has a lot to give. Hopefully, with me gone, she can focus more on the game. That was my intention with getting Nick out during my Head of Household reign."

Dick: "Dick's strategy and tactic in this game is fear, but fear does not beget respect. With that approach, he will sink just as fast as I did. ... His 'princess' comments didn't bother me. I think they probably bothered other people outside the house, my family included."

Daniele: "I feel like she is strategic and a very strong player, but she goes about everything in the most wrong way. She spent the first part of the game hiding between Nick's legs. Then, after he left, she ran between her father's."

Eric: "Eric is a very strong player. I like Eric as a person. His actions and behavior for the past few weeks have spread him too thin, but as a player, we see things eye to eye. For whatever reason, he decided it would be best get me out this week. I guess we'll see if that works for him."

Jameka: "Jameka's loyalty is admirable but questionable at the same time. She stands for a lot, but in this game, you have to push yourself as a player. It's good to have morals and values, but sometimes it's OK to break them. She's very strong and very intuitive with people."

Jen: "Jen is a question mark. I'm not sure if she's playing dumb or really that vacant. I like her as an individual, but I don't know her very well."

Jessica: "I like Jessica. Her dishonesty is one thing that has been consistent from Day One."

Zach: "Oh, ol' Zach."

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Big Brother" Goes All "Lost" on Us

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Spoiler alert, if you're reading this before tonight's live eviction episode of "Big Brother 8." A CBS spokeswoman e-mailed us a bizarre press release — subject line: "WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?" — detailing some wacky happenings from the house this morning. You can see what it said after the jump. Apparently, there were several freaky performers running around the "Big Brother" abode spouting clues or something. (Yes, we realize if you watch the feeds, then this is old news to you.) The Slug has neither the time nor the patience to decipher this mystery, but we'd love to hear your thoughts in our comments section.

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